The Power of Saying…


Have you ever wondered how much power the things we say have?

I have been thinking about this lately…the things we don’t say that we should… like “thank you” or “I love you”, “you are special” or “I’m really glad you are in my life”. And conversely, the things we say that we shouldn’t… things said in anger or frustration; things we regret later, but no apology can erase from memory; things like “that’s stupid” or “you just don’t think” or ”what’s wrong with you”.

Can you think of a time you had the opportunity to say something nice to someone and you just didn’t? Can we afford to assume that people know what we are thinking; that they know they are appreciated, liked or loved?

I know that I can think of many times that I didn’t say an encouraging, motivational or loving word, but I could have –…

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