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The brand licensing agreement is a way that conducted by the entrepreneur in order to use the right brand that is exclusive of others which tend to be monopolistic. Through the brand licensing agreement, the monopoly of the goods will be reduced, so that others can use it as a licensee to produce the goods and or services. Both the licensor (licensor) and the licensee (licensee) as the businessman can get the mutual benefit of business. In the end, brand licensing can encourage the competition of business which healthy and truthful.


Keywords:license, trademark, business competition


Perjanjian lisensi merek adalah suatu cara yang dilakukan pelaku usaha agar dapat menggunakan hak merek orang lain yang bersifat eksklusif yang cenderung bersifat monopoli. Melalui perjanjian lisensi merek, hak monopoli terhadap suatu barang akan dikurangi, sehingga pihak lain selaku penerima lisensi dapat menggunakannya untuk memproduksi barang…

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